Our History

Yannis standing next to lemonade truck circa 1922

Even though the formation of Geva Logistics as an entity is relatively a new venture, its core administration and management has deep roots in the transportation industry.

Evangelia has always been attracted to the transportation industry. She always admired female truck drivers and their determination to succeed in a very difficult and demanding profession. Realizing that this is a male dominated profession, she decided to create a Logistics company that will be owned by women. This inspiration and drive culminated in the formation of Geva Transportation LLC. This effort aided by her husband George, whose family has been in the trucking business for over fifty years.


In the summer of 1922, Yiannis (the grandfather of Geva Logistics’ CEO) was hired as a truck driver for a local soft drink manufacturer. In 1941 Yiannis decided to reach new horizons by opening up his own delivery service for construction material. As soon as his son Georgios was old enough, he became heavily involved in his father’s business by continuing his legacy of trucking and delivery services.


1967 was the first year when Geva Logistics’ CEO, a 4-year-old boy, became a passenger in his grandfather’s Mercedes-Benz dump truck. The young “helper” would be very upset when his grandfather would not stop and let him ride in the passenger seat for another load from the quarry.


1986 was the beginning of a new transportation company across the Atlantic. It was a family business led by the father and the three brothers trying to achieve and fulfill their American dream. A new moving and storage company was established that grew and thrived to become a domestic and International US military household goods transportation provider.

21st Century

Times have changed, and the beginning of the 21st century did not only bring new challenges to the world but also to the members of the family business. It was time for them to follow their own ambitions. During this same time, Evangelia’s eagerness and motivation to form a Logistics Company was actually becoming a reality. She formed Geva Logistics and George joined happily. Georges’ experience in combination with Evangelias' enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, led to the successful run and management of this business. Her encouragement and support always prevailed. Evangelia has organized and runs the company with customers needs as a priority. Evangelia is a true believer of the motto “Quality is our Trademark”. Now Geva Logistics is a member of the new and highly efficient 21st century transportation industry.