single source logistics

Single-Source Logistics

“One-stop partner, big savings”

As a single-source logistics provider, Geva Logistics remains a key player in the supply chain management world. Arranging shipments and deliveries requires detailed attention and relationship management with a variety of different businesses which can be a very time-consuming process.

Your solution will be a one-stop shop, Geva. Geva will easily and effectively fulfill your logistic needs ranging from time-sensitive shipments to fragile or high-value item shipments. We understand your need to dispatch your loads on time. So, we will work with your business and a variety of other third parties to bring your shipments to the desired destinations. If you have a regularly scheduled delivery of inventory or an incredibly time-sensitive shipment, we utilize a number of strategies that make sure your shipments will arrive at the appropriate time. We mostly use our own fleet of vehicles, especially for delicate and high-value shipments or for contracts that require a third-party service. We always make sure to successfully coordinate with your supply chain needs.