Port Drayage and Import/Export Management

If you are importing or exporting any items which are being delivered to a U.S. port, Geva Logistics can provide the drayage in and drayage out for all your port needs. With 90% of drivers approved to enter any U.S. port, Geva will always have capacity to import or export any 20, 40 or 45 foot container out of the port of Baltimore or New Jersey. In continuation, your goods can be stored at Geva Logistics’ locked and secure yard only 20 miles from the port of Baltimore.

With over 20 years in intermodal experience, Geva Logistics can provide you and your goods the proper port-to-dock delivery without the hassle that most other companies have to go through.

Doing what it takes, in everything we do, means putting the customer first. It doesn’t mean short-changing safety, policies or procedures, or respect, but it means understanding that fundamentally, our customers are at the heart of our business – in everything we do.