Take Up

Organizations are being called upon to take responsibility for the ways their operations impact societies and the natural environment. They are also being asked to apply sustainability principles to the ways in which they conduct their business.

In addition, a complex shift has occurred in how organizations must understand themselves in relation to a wide variety of both local and global stakeholders. The quality of relationships that a company has with its employees and other key stakeholders such as customers, investors, suppliers, public and governmental officials, activists, and communities is crucial to its success, as much as its ability to respond to competitive conditions.

There is a developmental continuum with respect to how deeply and how well corporations are integrating social responsibility approaches into both strategy and daily operations worldwide. At one end of the continuum are organizations that do not acknowledge any responsibility to society and the environment. And on the other end of the continuum are those organizations that view their operations as having a significant impact as well as reliance on society at the economic, social, and ecological levels, thus resulting in a sense of responsibility beyond the traditional boundaries of the organization.

Geva has developed a variety of strategies for dealing with this intersection of societal needs, the natural environment, and corresponding business imperatives. We understand the significance and the impact that these ideas have on the society and on the unborn generations and we strive to be a force for good on society at the economic, social, and ecological levels.

George Georgakopoulos

Our Goals

Goal #01

Reduction of
Carbon Emissions

Goal #02


Goal #03

Raising Ecological Awareness Within
the Industry

Goal #04


Goal #05

Establishing More Energy-efficient Solutions

Carbon Targets
and Develop­ment

# 1 — Eco Driving

We provide incentives and training to our company drivers in order to promote a more environmentally friendly road behavior.

# 2 — Fuel Optimization

All available technical solutions have been installed and implemented to minimize idling and reduce the environmental footprint of our equipment.

# 3 — Fleet Modernization

Our fleet of privately owned trucks is constantly enriched with new state-of-the-art units as old ones are withdrawn, achieving ages of 4 years or less for the entire fleet.

– 35 Percent Carbon Dioxide

2010 – 2020 Per Tkm

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